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This is the page where I'll list anything I've recently (in the past three months) watched on DVD, TV, VHS, whatever. Originally, it was not going to include movies currently in theaters, because I had a page for that. But as I so rarely get to see movies in theaters (like once a year, if I'm lucky), that page just seemed pointless... a cruel mockery of my pain. So now, I'll include current theatrical releases on this page, as well. (And I'll highlight them.)

May 2024

5-18: The Abyss
5-14: Idiocracy
5-12: The Good Dinosaur
5-11: Riley's First Date? (short film)
5-11: Planet of the Apes
5-9: Strangers in the Night (short film)
5-5: Sanjay's Super Team (short film)
5-2: Shiny New World (short film)

April 2024

4-30: They're Here (short film)
4-29: Welcome to Our Home (short film)
4-21: Mummies
4-20: Lou (short film)
4-20: The Boogeyman
4-17: The Rickety Man (short film)
4-15: Super Host (short film)
4-14: Wish
4-7: Thru the Mirror (short film)

March 2024

3-28: Beverly Hills Cop
3-24: Suzume
3-18: WolfWalkers
3-15: The Jerk
3-11: Bedtime Stories
3-10: The Canterville Ghost
3-8: Inch Thick, Knee Deep (short film)
3-8: I Think We're Alone Now
3-7: Mama Retreat (short film)
3-3: Hawaiian Holiday (short film)

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