teen comedy movies

These are movies focusing on teenage characters, anywhere from 13-19, which represents a pretty wide gap in the aging process, so some of them might border on being family films, while others are more adult in nature. The characters will probably most often be in high school, though there could potentially be some in college or junior high. (And there might be some pre-teen or early 20s characters, but I'll mostly try to avoid that.) When I started this category, I moved some reviews that I originally had under comedies, while also linking to reviews that I keep in other categories such as coming of age, quirky, rom-coms, etc. I'll also try to avoid including any movies I think fit better under serio-comedy (i.e., more comedy/drama than pure comedy), though I suppose I can't help but include at least a few.

I'm not sure what else to say, but I'll be looking at the Wikipedia category American teen comedy films for help in deciding what movies to include here. (But that list may include some movies I don't put here, and I may put some movies here that aren't on that list. I won't be including any TV movies, for example, but for that you might want to see my Disney Channel Original Movie reviews, as Disney Channel has done probably most of the teen TV movies that Wikipedia includes on its list.)