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Teen Wolf Too (PG)
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This is a sequel to Teen Wolf. It came out in 1987, but I guess I didn't see it until 2016. (Before I watched it, I wasn't sure whether or not I had seen it, but now that I have seen it, I can say nothing was familiar about it at all.) Anyway, it's a pretty much universally panned movie, but I didn't think it was all that bad. I wouldn't call it "good," but it was okay. The only problem, really, was that it was basically the exact same plot as the original movie, but with (mostly) worse writing and acting.

It begins with Scott Howard's father, Harold, driving his nephew (and Scott's cousin), Todd Howard (Jason Bateman) to college. He's about to start his freshman year, and he's a bit nervous, mainly because he only got in on a sports scholarship, and he has no idea why (because he's not at all athletic). Eventually he learns that it's because the coach of the school's boxing team, Bobby Finstock, recommended him to Dean Dunn (John Astin). Finstock was Scott's high school basketball coach before taking his current job at the college (though he's played by a different actor in this movie), and he figured Scott's cousin would also be a werewolf, and therefore good at sports. But Todd believes that because his parents aren't werewolves (as the condition apparently sometimes skips some family members), he isn't a werewolf, either. Nor does he want to be. And he certainly doesn't want to box; all he wants is to study science and become a veterinarian.

Todd's roommate turns out to be Stiles (played by a different actor than the first movie, and I didn't find him nearly as cool in this movie). He's hoping to once again cash in on friendship with a werewolf. And Todd and Coach Finstock are both under tremendous pressure from Dean Dunn to win boxing matches. Meanwhile, Todd meets a fellow science student named Nicki, with whom he immediately hits it off. (She's basically an expy for Boof, in much the same way that Todd himself is an expy for Scott and Dunn is an expy for Vice Principal Thorne. And I definitely did like Nicki, though not as much as I liked Boof.) Oh, I should also mention that Chubby is also on Todd's boxing team. (Aside from Harold, Chubby is the only character whose actor reprised his role from the first movie.) And um, Todd and Nicki's biology professor, Tanya Brooks, is an important character. (I had a suspicion about her from the very beginning, and I found out I was right near the end of the movie.) Also there are a couple of hot girls whose names I never learned (who were expies of Pamela and like if Pamela had a friend I don't even remember now, then... whatever). And one of them have a boyfriend whose name I also didn't learn, who I guess is an expy for Mick. I think he was a boxer on a rival team, which is strange because as far as I could tell he went to the same school as Todd. But maybe I was mistaken about that.

Anyway... at one point people discover that Todd is a werewolf (or maybe they just thought he was wearing a dog costume), and everyone starts mocking him. But then during his first boxing match, he wolfs out and wins the fight. After that, everyone loves him. Or rather, they love the wolf. Of course, Nicki was the only one who liked the real Todd. But it takes awhile for him to realize that, and in the meantime he lets popularity go to his head, and blah blah blah. Eventually he learns his lesson, and there's a happy ending. I think the movie suffers greatly by comparison to the original, but it also suffers because it was so completely unnecessary. I think it might seem slightly better if the other movie didn't exist, but... only slightly.

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