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You know what I'm friggin' sick of? I'm sick of looking for a studio/distributor link for some movie I'm reviewing, and finding out that that company's website has rearranged its whole setup, so that none of my old links to that site in old reviews work anymore. And then having to look through all my reviews to see which ones were made/distributed by that company, so I can change the links. So what I thought I'd do was, make a listing of movies by studio, so I can find them all in one place. I'd still have to go into different subdirectories to edit each review, but at least I wouldn't have to waste time searching through everything, anymore.

And from there, the project kind of got away from me. I started trying to put links to my reviews under "production" and "distribution" headings on each page I had here for different companies. The trouble with that is, so many different companies can be involved in producing a single movie, and sometimes companies can be credited as producing a movie even if they did nothing more than provide financing or even just lend the use of their name. For awhile I did my best to try to figure out which companies actually did what, but it got to a point where it was just giving me a nervous breakdown, because it can be impossible to be sure of anything, whether I'm looking at Wikipedia, IMDb, a company's own website, or the back of a damn DVD case. It's insane! I miss the good old days when one studio would actually produce a movie by itself, then distribute it to theaters, and later distribute it on home video. (I'm not sure those days ever actually existed, but I miss them anyway.)

So whatever. I'm done trying to sort all that out. It doesn't bloody matter. If any companies in Hollywood or anywhere around the world truly believed it mattered, they'd make it way damn easier to figure out. So... I'm left with two options: abandon the project entirely, or just have a single list on each page. A list for any movies that company had anything to do with, be it financing, production, theatrical distribution, home distribution, or just lending their name to. I choose the latter option. (Note: not all companies that had something to do with making/distributing a movie will have web pages for that movie, so this section of my site, in spite of my scaled-back ambitions, is still more ambitious than my original intention for creating the section. Also note that, in order to save space and avoid too much duplication of links, if I have a page for a subsidiary of a parent company, I'll generally include links to my reviews only on the subsidiary page, whether or not that company actually has a website of its own. Therefore, if you're looking for movies that were made/distributed by a parent company, you should be sure to check the parent's subsidiary pages. An individual movie review may include a link to the parent's website, the subsidiary's website, both, or neither.)

So, without further ado, D'WARD Enterprises proudly presents...

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