I don't remember this well enough to rate it...

The Cutting Edge (PG)
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So, this came out in 1992, but I didn't see it until... I don't remember when. Sometime in the mid- to late-Aughts, I think. It's something I always vaguely wanted to see, mainly because of Moira Kelly. But I guess whenever I finally saw it, I either didn't write a review, or else I deleted it. Years later, I kind of regretted not having one, so I decided to at least mention the movie in my "meh" section. And some years after that I finally got around to starting a sports movies section, and decided to move the review there.

Anyway, Kelly plays a figure skater named Kate Moseley, who gets reluctantly partnered with a hockey player named Doug Dorsey (D.B. Sweeney). And of course, even though neither of them is happy about the partnership, a romance eventually develops. Or whatever. I really don't remember the movie well. I don't think I was wild about it, but I'm sorry I can't really say anything more specific about the plot.

There were later some TV movie sequels, which I haven't seen. I'm pretty sure the first one, at least, came out before I saw this. I might like to check that out someday, just because it stars Christy Carlson Romano. But it's not a high priority.

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