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Yardbird (13:32)
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This is an Australian short that came out in 2012. I probably first saw it in 2018, and at the time didn't bother writing a review, even though I must have thought it was okay. I happened to watch it again in 2019, and that time it reminded me of the 2016 series Stranger Things, which I hadn't yet seen the first time I watched this. (And I am not alone; I saw comments on at least a couple different sites where people said they thought "Stranger Things" had used ideas from this short.) And basically that's the reason I'm writing a review, this time around.

So... there's a girl named Ruby, who lives in a junk yard with a man who I presume to be her father. He doesn't want her to ever leave, because of her dangerous telekinetic powers. But one day she does leave, and she rescues a cat from some guys who are torturing it. She also causes damage to their car. So later they show up at the junk yard, presumably looking for another car to fix up, or something, and happen to find Ruby... which doesn't go so well for them. They soon leave, but return later, and things go even worse. Other than that, I don't want to spoil anything. But it's definitely disturbing, and interesting... all the more so if you're a fan of "Stranger Things," I'd say.

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