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Hardware Wars (12:54)
Great but Forgotten; IMDb; official site; Star Wars Fanpedia; TV Tropes; Wikipedia

This came out in 1978, the year after the first Star Wars movie. It's a fan-made spoof of that movie, in the form of a trailer (though it lasts a lot longer than a real trailer, and shows practically the whole story of the movie). I'm not sure when I first heard of this, but I would guess it was in the early 2000s. (Or maybe it was a lot earlier than that, and I just forgot.) But whenever I first heard of it, I felt no particular need to ever see it. Then in October 2015, it was featured on "Great but Forgotten," so I thought I might as well get around to it. Then I put it off until December 18, so I could watch it on the opening night of The Force Awakens.

Anyway... it basically has the same characters as "Star Wars," but with silly names. And there are droids and starships and things that are just normal household appliances or whatever. And the trailer has a narrator. And... I don't know what else to say. It's all totally redonkulous, and I definitely found it somewhat amusing. So I'm glad I finally saw it, but... I think a lot of people like it a lot more than I did. It's great for what it's meant to be, and I like the fact that things like this exist, and can be popular in their own right. It's the kind of thing that's fun because it's so bad (like a B-movie, but intentionally bad). I appreciate that sensibility... but I still tend to prefer movies that are actually good, you know?

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