tek's rating: ½

Lovely Monster (5:10)
Dust.com; Film Shortage; Francesco Calabrese; IMDb; Short of the Week; Vimeo

This 2011 short film was presented by Dust in 2016. It has since disappeared from Dust.

This is something I had seen before I started watching the YouTube channel "Dust", most likely because it was on Short of the Week. At the time, I didn't bother reviewing it, but when I discovered that it's on Dust, I thought I might as well make a little entry for it. It's a decent film, I guess, done in a documentary style (even though it's clearly fiction). A young woman named Sophia has some sort of medical condition that makes it dangerous for her to be around other people, for fear of hurting them. We see her talking about what her life is like, as well as other people talking about her. The precise nature of her condition isn't revealed until the final moments of the film, which I don't want to spoil. As a sort of horror short, I'm not sure how well it works, given the brevity of the actual horror part. As a drama, it works a bit better. But it probably works best if you try to think of the "monster" as a metaphor for... well, probably any number of real life issues would work. In any case, it's a well-made film, and certainly worth five minutes of your time.

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