tek's rating: meh and a half

Demon Clown (9:55)
IMDb; Roman Gabriel Arriola Jr.; Vimeo; YouTube

This 2016 short film was presented by Crypt TV in 2017.

I don't really see this as a horror short, either scary or comedic. It's done in the form of a documentary about a man who just wants to be a clown and make people, especially children, happy. He seems sweet, naive, innocent. But people misunderstand him and think he's creepy. It reminds me of the whole "clown panic" thing that happened in 2016, in the real world. (And that was the year this short film was made, so I'd think it was likely inspired by that.) I dunno, I just think it's an interesting and different perspective on that whole phenomenon. Maybe it's meant to be funny, and while I can see the potential humor in it, I couldn't help but take it more seriously, and just feel bad for this guy. (Even if he was just a fictional character.)

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