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Us Again (6:48)
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Caution: total spoilers

This was released theatrically before Raya and the Last Dragon. It began streaming on Disney+ the same day that movie became available for free there (without Premium Access). It's also available as a bonus feature on the Blu-ray/DVD of "Raya".

The film has no dialogue, just some very peppy jazz. It seems the whole city is dancing, but one old man just sits in his chair, feeling too old to dance. His wife tries to get him to join her, but he doesn't move, so she leaves. Then he goes out on the fire escape and watches her walk away, when suddenly it begins raining, and the rain makes him young again. He rushes out to dance with his wife, who has also been made young by the rain, and everything is great. Until the rain begins to let up, and they turn old again. The man tries to stay ahead of the retreating edge of the rainfall, dragging his wife with him. But eventually she stops, content to be her true age. Finally, the rain passes away from the man, who is disappointed, but soon accepts his age and returns to dancing with his wife (if quite a bit more slowly than when they were young).

It's a very nice short film, with good music and visuals, and a decent story. Really, a rather touching story, even if the ending is somewhat predictable. My enjoyment of it is marred a bit by the fact that the man didn't accept his age until he had no choice, and seemed willing to leave his wife behind to chase his youth. But at least he's not just sitting around feeling sorry for himself anymore. And if his wife is happy, I'm happy for the both of them.

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