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Less Than Human (6:10)
Dust; IMDb; Steffen Bang Lindholm; Vimeo; YouTube

This 2017 short film was presented by Alter in 2019.

A reporter goes to film a story at a resettlement camp for zombies who have been "cured". (They think and feel and talk just like normal humans, and no longer have any cannibalistic impulses, but they still look like zombies.) The reporter (and his cameraman) interviews two zombies named Andy and Don, who live together. Andy seems fairly cheerful, while Don resents the loss of his old, pre-zombie life. Aside from how they look (especially Don, who is missing the lower half of his body and his intestines are hanging out), they seem pretty normal. But the reporter (apparently unlike the cameraman) still harbors prejudice against them, and is opposed to the idea of reintegration into human society.

The film could be construed as having a message about prejudice, I mean it's right there on the surface, and it's part of what makes it a good film. But one doesn't have to dwell on that if they don't want to. It's also a good film just based on the characters and their relationship and, you know, their whole situation. (The reporter himself isn't all that important to the story.)

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