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Jack-Jack Attack (home media; 4:44)
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This features characters from the movie The Incredibles, and originally appeared on the DVD of that film. It's also available on the Pixar Short Films Collection vol 1. I absolutely loved this short, it's gotta be my favorite Pixar short I've ever seen (just like "The Incredibles" is my favorite Pixar feature film). Um... I don't think I mentioned either NSA agent Rick Dicker or babysitter Kari McKeen in my review of the movie, but they're both in this short. Dicker is interrogating Kari, who had been babysitting the Parrs' baby, Jack-Jack, for part of the movie. In the movie, we had heard some phone messages Kari left for the Parrs, and in this short, we get to see the incredible incidents that led to those messages. I don't want to describe any of that, you just need to watch the short for yourself. It's so funny! And Kari is a pretty great babysitter.

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