tek's rating: ½

George Lucas in Love (8:50)
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A short film made by Joe Nussbaum in 1999, which I must have first seen sometime on the 2000-02 TV series Exposure. The title is a play on the 1998 movie Shakespeare in Love. But mostly it's a comedic imagining of George Lucas as a college student in 1967, trying to overcome writer's block to write a movie that we all know is what will eventually become the original Star Wars trilogy. There are people and things all around him that are instantly recognizable as aspects of "Star Wars," but he doesn't seem to notice any of it until he meets a girl named Marion (Lisa Jakub, whom I knew from "Mrs. Doubtfire"), who inspires him to "write what you know." (And she herself is an obvious inspiration for Princess Leia.) It's all really funny, if you're a fan of Star Wars, and in particular the twist ending is... well, both funny and disturbing. But mostly funny.

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