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Date Night (PG-13)
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I watched this on Valentine's Day, 2013. So, where to put this review? Action/adventure? Quirky? Romantic? Weird? Any of those would work. I'm going with "seriocomedy" because it's mostly comedy, but there's some seriousness to it. I guess. Sort of. In addition to all those other things. Um... the main characters are Phil and Claire Foster, played by Steve Carell and Tina Fey. Incidentally, I couldn't help thinking about the show Modern Family, just because of the names Phil and Claire, as a married couple. And I kind of felt like the movie probably wouldn't be much different if that Phil and Claire were the ones in this movie, though I'm rather glad they weren't.

Anyway... Phil and Claire Foster are a boring couple from New Jersey, who are stuck in a rut, and have very little energy. They do fairly regularly get a sitter to take care of their kids while they have a date night, and they seem like a pretty good match, but... there's still no zip in their marriage. And then another married couple they know decide to get a divorce, so they seem to be worried that could happen to them. So Phil decides to make their latest date night special, by going to a fancy restaurant in Manhattan. Of course, they don't have reservations, so there's no way to get a table. But when another couple, the Tripplehorns, seem to be a no-show, Phil decides to claim he and Claire are the Tripplehorns, and take their reservation. But then a couple of guys show up, and want to talk to them out in the alley. They go with these guys, thinking they're being busted for stealing the reservation, but it turns out these guys actually think they're the Tripplehorns, who had stolen a flash drive from their boss, a notorious mobster.

Phil and Claire have to bluff having hidden the flash drive somewhere, and then manage to escape from the goons. But when they go to the police to report the incident, it turns out the goons are actually cops, so the Fosters have no idea whom they can trust. They leave the police station, and decide to look for the Tripplehorns themselves, to make them give the flash drive back. What follows is the most redonkulous chain of improbable events imaginable. (Not imaginable by you, mind you, but by a screenwriter who is much crazier than you.) So... the movie is action-packed, and hilarious, and romantic, and awesome. (I'm not sure how many people would actually call it "romantic," but the important thing is... Phil and Claire are quite obviously meant to be together, okay?) And I don't know what else to tell you. It's just a crazy-fun movie.

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