Star Trek movies

So... the TV series Star Trek aired from 1966-69, and in 1979, the first feature film based on the show was released. Since then there have been a bunch of other movies; the first six of them were all based on the original series (TOS). But there have also been several other TV series that were based on the original series. One of those, Star Trek: The Next Generation, had four films based on it, as well. Actually, the seventh movie in the franchise was a crossover between TOS and TNG. Then, the eleventh movie was actually a complete reboot... pretty much. I mean, it involved the TNG era a bit, because time travel was involved, but mostly... it was set several years earlier than the original series. And, um, stuff happened that would radically alter the entire familiar timeline, thereafter. So basically, I like to consider the reboot movies to be apocryphal (but still fun to watch).