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Men in Black 3 (PG-13)
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Caution: spoilers.

A total hottie makes a visit to a maximum security prison on the moon. She delivers something to a prisoner there named Boris (aka Boris the Animal). What she delivers allows him to escape. He plans to go back in time to July 16, 1969, and kill Agent K, who had shot off his arm, arrested him, and deployed a shield around Earth called ArcNet, which prevented Boris's people from attacking the Earth. And because they couldn't attack, the species died out. But before going back in time, Boris wants to kill K in the present. Well, he fails. But he still goes back in time. Meanwhile, Agent J is upset that K never really talks to him, never shows any emotion. This is highlighted by the unemotional eulogy K gives at Zed's funeral. (I have no idea how Zed died, but it's not really important to the story. It is however kind of strange that it has no importance, considering how important Zed was. And I gotta say, I'm kind of sad about the fact that he's dead.) In any event, the new head of MIB is Agent O (Emma Thompson). And it seems that K and O had some kind of past together, but neither of them want to talk to J about that.

Anyway, Boris goes back in time, and suddenly J is the only one who remembers K. Because he's been dead for over 40 years. Well, O remembers him, but even she thinks he's dead. But she figures out that time travel was involved. (J will later ask someone else why he remembers K when no one else does, but... the answer is kind of a handwave, it makes no sense.) What's even worse than the fact that K is dead is the fact that Boris's race is not extinct, and they launch an attack on Earth. And there's no ArcNet. J manages to go back in time to July 15, 1969, the day before Boris killed the younger K (Josh Brolin). J intends to kill Boris, but he misses his chance, and ends up getting captured by K. J lies to K for awhile, before finally telling him at least part of the reason he's there, so the two of them work together to stop Boris. Um, both Borises. (Also, the younger K tells J a bit about his relationship with the younger O, played by Alice Eve.) J and K receive some help from Griffin, an alien from a race that can see all possible futures. Aside from preventing Boris from killing K, they also have to get the ArcNet into space, which means they have to go to Cape Canaveral for the launch of Apollo 11. And finally, J returns to the present, where K is still alive.

Welp, I'm leaving some stuff out, but that's the gist of it. I did find it strange that Boris's people were still alive in the present instead of being extinct, because... I gather the reason they went extinct was because they didn't get to attack (and consume) Earth in the past. And in spite of the changes to history, they clearly still didn't do so, because Earth existed in the present, so... yeah. That just doesn't make sense. It would have made so much more sense if the attack actually happened in the past. But whatever. The important thing is it's a fun movie. Not a great one, but fun. I definitely liked it more than the second movie, though not nearly as much as the first. But I think the best part (the part that totally kicked my ass, emotionally), was something that happened near the end, which I didn't see coming until it was happening. And I won't spoil that. But, damn. Just... damn.

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