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Monstrous (PG-13)
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I wanted to see this because it stars Christina Ricci. I think it turned out to be sort of okay, but not all that good. I hesitate to call it a horror movie, it's really kind of a drama or maybe a thriller, but it's certainly psychological in nature (to the point I could almost file it under "mental health movies"). But I think I'll just call it psychological horror, anyway. There are plot twists that I predicted pretty much from the very beginning, and my guesses were reinforced by hints throughout the movie. But I still kind of enjoyed watching the movie and waiting to find out if I was right about everything or not.

The movie appears to be set in like the 1950s or sometime around then. Ricci plays Laura Butler, who moves into a house by a lake (or a large pond) with her young son, Cody. Eventually it turns out she has run away from her husband (or ex-husband, I'm not sure whether they were divorced or not), because of something he did, though it's not clear what. There also appears to be a monster that lives in the pond near the house, which terrifies Cody at first, but eventually he comes to like the entity, which he starts calling the "pretty lady". Laura doesn't believe in it at first, but sometime after Cody stops fearing it, Laura starts. And... I feel like saying any more about the plot would be too spoilery. I'd say the movie is Shyamalan-esque, but that might be insulting to Shyamalan. Even his lesser pictures tend to be better than this one. Still, I'm glad to have seen it, mainly so I can stop wanting to.

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