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Final Destination 2 (R)
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This is the first sequel to Final Destination. It came out in 2003, but I didn't see it until 2019. It's essentially the same plot as the first movie, but I think I liked it a bit better. Probably I found it scarier... and also somewhat gorier.

It begins with some guy on a talk show, telling the doubtful host about his belief that Death has a plan that can be disrupted, but if that happens, Death will begin stalking the people who cheated death. He sees what happened in the first movie as proof of his claim. So... I guess there are a lot of people who know about all the people who were supposed to die on the plane, but didn't, and then were subsequently killed in bizarre accidents.

On the one year anniversary of the explosion of the plane from the first movie, a young woman named Kimberly Corman (A.J. Cook) is driving to Daytona Beach with three friends, for spring break. Along the way, they're involved in a major accident involving lots of other vehicles, and a lot of deaths. But then it turns out all that was just a premonition. Of course she's totally freaked out, and stops her car, blocking several other vehicles. A cop named Thomas Burke (Michael Landes) approaches Kimberly and tries to find out what's going on. While questioning her, the accident she had foreseen happens a little way up the road. And then, while standing outside her car with Burke, the car gets hit and her friends all die. She starts thinking her premonition was just like what happened one year ago, so she's worried that she and the random strangers she'd saved by blocking the road are all in danger. These strangers include a recent lottery-winner named Evan Lewis, a widow named Nora Carpenter and her 15-year-old son Tim, a businesswoman named Kat Jennings (Keegan Connor Tracy), a stoner named Rory Peters, a high school teacher named Eugene Dix, and a pregnant woman named Isabella Hudson. Burke was also one of the people who would have died in the accident.

Kimberly eventually goes to visit the only survivor from the first movie, Clear Rivers, who is currently living voluntarily in a padded room in a psychiatric hospital, trying to avoid Death. Kimberly hopes Clear will be able to help her protect all the people who are being stalked by Death, and at first Clear refuses. But later she leaves the hospital to try to help. She takes Kimberly and Burke to meet William Bludworth, who she believes knows more than he revealed in the first movie. And he remains fairly unhelpful in this movie, though he does say that "new life" can defeat Death. This leads them to believe that if they can protect Isabella until her baby is born, they'll all be safe. Meanwhile, it is discovered that Kimberly and all these strangers who avoided the recent accident also have connections to what happened in the previous movie.

Well, there are a number of deaths throughout the movie, though as usual, I won't reveal who does or doesn't survive. But it's all very freaky and sometimes a bit surprising. And I don't know what else to say, except that after watching this movie, I feel a bit more like I actually want to see more of the sequels than I did after watching the first movie.

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