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Forgetting Sarah Marshall (R / unrated)
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Caution: potential spoilers.

It ends with some dude singing "Nothing Compares 2U" in Hawaiian. That is the most brilliant fucking thing ever.

So anyway, I have this DVD that has both the R-rated theatrical version and the unrated version. I chose to watch the theatrical version, and I'm kind of glad I did, because even that was a bit raunchier than suits my taste... which is one reason I don't rate the movie higher than I did. Because it's a damn good movie. I can't imagine what I'd think of the unrated version, which I don't expect I'll ever watch. In fact, I'm not sure I'll ever watch any version of the movie again, but maybe. I'm the tiniest bit of a prude, okay? And I have issues. But whatever, it's still a really funny and sweet and clever movie, in spite of the raunch. (And mind you, I'm sure there are plenty of much raunchier movies out there.)

I wanted to see this because it stars Kristen Bell, and Jason Segel, and Mila Kunis. There were other good people... like Russell Brand, Jack McBrayer, etc.

Anyway, Segel plays a guy named Peter, who is a composer who works on a TV show called "Crime Scene: Scene of the Crime." Bell plays his girlfriend, Sarah Marshall, one of the stars of the show. She breaks up with him at the beginning of the movie, and this devastates Peter. After trying to get over her by having casual sex with women he's just met, he decides to try to get over her by going to Hawaii. And it turns out Sarah is there, with her new boyfriend, Aldous Snow, a famous musician played by Brand. Which is hard for Peter, but after awhile he starts dating a woman named Rachel (Kunis), who works at the hotel where they're all staying. And as Peter begins to fall for Rachel and get over Sarah, Sarah begins to get over Aldous and re-fall for Peter.

That's all I really want to say about the plot. There are plenty of incidental characters, like Peter's stepbrother and his wife, and various employees of the hotel (and a couple of guests, including McBrayer's character). It's a rather quirky movie. And I love the whole... Dracula play... Peter's been working on... a musical which is a comedy but also has dramatic overtones which tie into his own life, sort of. That was freaking awesome. And it was done with puppets. Which kind of reminds me of an episode of Angel, but never mind that. Eh, I'm leaving out so many details of the movie... Oh, I haven't even mentioned Jonah Hill's character... who, along with Brand's character, is one of the major characters in the spin-off "Get Him to the Greek," which I may or may not ever see. Or... I guess Hill's character from this movie isn't in the other movie, but the actor is, and Brand's character is the same, I guess. Whatever. Anyway... yeah, the movie is funny and kind of surprising, and there are a lot of nice touches. I don't think any of the characters are quite as one-dimensional as you might expect them to be. You can't really hate anyone, even if you want to. But I'll just say... the movie ends well. Yeah, that's all I can think to say.

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