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Plus One (not rated)
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This was probably on my Hulu watchlist for about 2 and a half years before I got around to watching it. For most of that time, I believe I was under the impression that it was a Hulu original. Well, it wasn't. It had a limited run in theaters before being released on various digital platforms. The main reason I wanted to see it is because one of the stars is Maya Erskine, who I knew from a couple other things. Anyway, I ended up only kind of liking the movie, but kind of is better than not at all.

Erskine plays a woman named Alice, who has been friends with a guy named Ben for like ten years, ever since college. One summer they both have a lot of weddings they're supposed to attend, and since neither of them wants to go alone, they become each other's plus one. Also, Ben's father, Chuck (Ed Begley Jr.), is going to be getting married for the third time in the fall, and wants Ben to be his best man. But Ben is reluctant, because of his father's track record with marriages. One of the weddings they attend is Alice's sister's. (I want to mention that Alice's mom is played by Rosalind Chao.) Ben and Alice eventually start a romantic relationship, which has its ups and downs. And that's all I can think to say about the movie's plot. But I mostly liked both of the main characters.

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