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Go (R)
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Hmmm, what to say? I must've first seen this in 1999 (on video, I think), but all I remembered about it was liking it. Nothing specific. Didn't see it again til 2010 (on DVD), so... at this point, I must write a little review. I still liked it. It's a wicked funny movie. My first instinct was to put it in the comedy section, but then... nah, quirky. It's one of those things that feels sort of indie (certainly it wasn't a major movie), but whatever. It's just sort of... I dunno, just quirky, okay?

Basically it tells the story of one weekend (mostly set on Christmas Eve), from the point of view of a few different people. First there's a young woman named Ronna (Sarah Polley). She works at a grocery store or whatever. She agrees to pick up the shift of a guy named Simon, who wants to go to Las Vegas with some friends. Ronna needs the money, because she's about to be evicted for being late on rent, or whatever. Now, it seems Simon, in addition to working at the store, is also a drug dealer, and I guess Ronna has worked under him in this capacity. And as she's working his shift, a couple of guys named Adam (Scott Wolf) and Zack (Jay Mohr) approach her, wanting to obtain some Ecstasy, which they normally get from Simon. Ronna agrees to provide it to them, and ends up going to this guy Todd, who is Simon's supplier. She doesn't have enough cash to get the drugs from him, so her friend Claire (Katie Holmes), another coworker at the store, stays behind as collateral.

I don't really want to give away any more of what happens in this part of the movie, but... it doesn't end well. Then we jump back to the beginning, to see Simon's story, and all the misadventures he has in Vegas. I don't want to say anything about that, but again, it all ends up going very badly. Then we see Adam and Zack's story, which... once again, I don't want to say anything about. But all three stories were pretty fucked up (and really funny). Some seriously bad shit goes down all around, but... whatever. Um, in the end, everything starts tying together, and there's some kind of resolution. Man, I have just left so much stuff out to avoid spoilers, and I also neglected to mention this other guy named Mannie, who is another friend and coworker of the main characters. Though he's not of huge importance to the plot, he's kind of... well, part of all the weirdness and funniness and important to the conclusion of the movie. Sort of. And I guess that's all I have to say. It's just all crazy and funny.

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