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Dear Me: A Blogger's Tale (not rated)
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So, I happened to see a used copy of this for sale real cheap, and I decided to get it because Felicia Day's in it, and I'm a big fan of hers from numerous other things, most notably The Guild. Though her character in this is rather minor. Um... I feel like I may have heard of the movie some time before I got it... it came out in 2008, but I didn't see it until 2013.

Anyway, there's this woman named Samantha Billows, whose job is watering plants. One of the buildings where she does this is an ad agency, and she secretly changes some ad slogans there, because she's good at it, and copywriting is basically her dream job. Meanwhile, she has social anxiety, for which she's been seeing a psychiatrist, but when her insurance runs out, she's going to have to cut back on her sessions. She doesn't think she'll be able to handle that, but he tells her to keep journals during the weeks when she can't see him. Then her cousin/roommate Pipsy (played by Day) introduces her to the concept of blogging. (I find it kind of hard to believe in 2008 anyone could have been unaware of blogs, but whatever.) Samantha starts a blog called "Dear Me," which I guess is also supposed to be her screen name. (Pipsy says that using an alias will mean no one will know who's actually writing the blog, which Samantha was worried about.)

And um... also, Samantha accidentally injures a copywriter, which creates a temporary job opening. Pipsy forces her to apply for the job, which she gets. Apparently the only one there who knew she was "the plant lady" was a guy named Stuart, with whom she'd been friends. But there's also a woman named Alicia, who wanted the job Sam got, so she becomes an antagonist. She discovers Sam's blog, and tells everyone in the office about it. They all think it's hilarious, and start doing ridiculous things hoping that Sam will mention them in the blog, though she has no idea they even know about it.

Meanwhile, Sam has to work on an ad campaign for a new French car designed by this guy named Andre Marceau, who I guess was a former race car driver or whatever. And there's a guy named Desmond who's the head of PR for Marceau's company, or whatever. He's also been seeing Samantha's psychiatrist, so she recognizes him when they meet at work. And... they become friendly, and then romantic. And she mentions him in her blog, which leads to trouble. She calls the blog host to try to get it deleted, but they refuse. (This seems utterly ridiculous to me, both because she didn't even have to look up the host's phone number, and more importantly because she should have been capable of deleting it herself, but... whatever.)

I don't really know what else to say about the plot, and of course I don't want to spoil how it all ends. The movie's kind of redonkulous, but I guess it was reasonably amusing. Definitely not something I'm ever gonna want to watch again, though.

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