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Amélie (R)
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This came out in 2001, but I didn't see it until 2017. I recall it being very well-received when it was first released (as was its star, Audrey Tautou), so it's something I've always quite wanted to see. And now that I finally have, I'm not a bit disappointed. (I mean, other than disappointed that it took me so long to see it.) It really is an amazingly charming film (as is its star... I mean, she's a charming actress, not a charming film, obvi).

So... the film features some narration about things that might seem pointless, but which add to the charm. It begins with unrelated things that were going on at the time that Amélie Poulain was conceived. Then, we learn a bit about her childhood, which helps explain the women she would grow into. And of course, most of the movie is set when she is a young woman (played by Tautou), in 1997. She's a waitress at a bar. And one day, she discovers a box hidden in the wall of her apartment. It had been put there by a young boy back in the 1950s. And she begins trying to find him, to return his hidden "treasure." After that, she starts trying to help all the people around her, without them being aware of it. And she, well... crosses paths with a man named Nino, and sort of falls in love without even knowing him. And she embarks upon a path that could ultimately lead to their getting together, though she is very roundabout in this. Meanwhile, she befriends an old man named Raymond Dufayel. And um... gosh, I'm not sure what else to say. I'm leaving out several important characters and lots of details of the plot. I just really don't want to spoil it. It's all just terribly amusing and odd and delightful. It's one of those rare movies where I really think, God, I wish real life could be like this. And I'm just sort of in love with Amélie herself.

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