mental health

There have probably been a number of times I've watched a movie and thought, "I should maybe start a category for reviews of films that involve mental health issues in some way." Well... I've finally gotten around to it, though I'm still not sure if this is the best name for the category. It's a very broad subject, and it's of interest to me particularly because of my own issues. The category can include movies where people deal with any number of different issues, like depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, autism, etc. (So, yeah, it can be both psychological issues and developmental issues. Or whatever.) Characters in these movies may be dealing with either permanent or temporary issues, which may be relatively mild or severe. The stories may involve mental hospitals or they may not. The characters' mental health may be the main focus of the story, or it may be somewhat incidental. (But not too incidental.) Also, this category will include links to a few reviews that are actually in other categories.

Of course there may be movies that involve such issues that I won't include here, if they fit better into other genres, such as drama, quirky, scary, weird, meh, etc. It's possible there'll be some things I choose to include here that others might think shouldn't be, or some that I'll choose not to include here that others think I should. Whatever, man... writing reviews, like psychiatry, is not an exact science, okay?