Sleepover (PG)
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This is one of those movies that I watched on DVD (maybe TV, but probably DVD), thought was sort of okay-ish, but just didn't feel any motivation to bother writing a review. Then some time later, I vaguely regretted that. I might have rated it slightly higher than "meh" when I watched it, or I might not. And now I don't remember it clearly and don't care about it. But I still felt like I should mention it, here. I won't say much of anything about the plot, but hey, at least there are some links, so you can check out other sites, if you want.

So... the main reason I wanted to see this is Alexa Vega, I guess. I probably vaguely knew some of the other actors, but she's the only one I remember at all. Anyway, the movie's aimed at adolescent girls, so I guess it's not surprising that I wasn't that impressed with it, though it's always possible such films will be good enough to appeal to people of any age or gender, so... it's worth giving things a chance. Sometimes you'll be pleasantly surprised, sometimes (as in this case, I think) you'll be a bit disappointed, and other times you'll hate it so much you don't even watch the whole thing. Which at least didn't happen for me with this movie.

Um, so anyway... the interwebs tell me that on the last day of 8th grade, Vega's character, Julie, has a slumber party. And there's stuff about a high school dance, and a scavenger hunt, and your typical pre-teen mean girls stuff. I think there must have been some things I kind of liked about the movie, but obviously I found it pretty forgettable.

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