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Point of No Return (R)
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I originally had this review in spy flicks tier 5 ("liked, but not well-liked," in the old tier rating system).

Not a bad movie, but not something I feel the need to see again. It's based on a French film, "Nikita," which I suppose I should see someday. Anyway, it's not exactly a spy movie, but that's the closest category I felt it came to. More of an assassin movie, really. (Nowadays I'd probably put it in the "badass" category.) This girl named Maggie (Bridget Fonda) is a drug addict and stuff, and she kills a guy, and is sentenced to death. Everyone believes she was killed, but actually the government staged her execution and funeral, and then trained her to become an assassin. She was given the new name Claudia, and started a new life, and met a guy. But whenever her handler, Bob, contacted her, and called her by the codename Nina, she'd have to drop everything and take on an assignment. She didn't like this. But she could be killed by the government at any time if she disobeyed. I can't really think of anything else to say. Don't want to give away the ending, or anything.

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