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Man on Fire (R)
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This is one of those movies that I watched on DVD, thought was okay, but just didn't feel any motivation to bother writing a review. Then some time later, I vaguely regretted that. I probably would have rated it higher than "meh" when I watched it, but not much higher. And now I don't remember it clearly and don't care about it. But I still felt like I should mention it, here. I won't say much of anything about the plot, but hey, at least there are some links, so you can check out other sites, if you want.

So... the main reason I wanted to see this is Dakota Fanning. I reckon Denzel Washington was also a draw. Um... so Denzel's character is a former CIA badass or whatever, but now he hates life and basically just drinks. But he gets a job as a bodyguard for some rich guy's daughter, played by Fanning. And then she gets kidnapped. And then Denzel kicks a ton of ass. That's pretty much all I remember. It was a decent movie, but I never quite managed to care very much about it.

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