other films (meh)

So occasionally, over the years, I have written a review of some movie, and later deleted it, because I just didn't care anymore. But now I'm kind of thinking... I do enjoy making use of the Wayback Machine, from time to time. There are some old reviews even it can't find, but there are some it can. So I figure maybe I might as well put those reviews here, I guess. What the heck, right? Can't hurt to at least mention having seen some things. Which, btw, may be things I'd rate higher than "meh" at the time I saw them. Some of them I might even rate them higher, if I saw them now, than I do some of the things I include in proper review categories (and if by some chance I ever do see them again, I may move the reviews outta here). It's just, looking back... I don't have any enthusiasm for them, really. Like, at all. Which is probably grossly unfair of me, but it can't be helped. Anyway, after starting this section, I have also decided to include some reviews here of things when I watch them for the first time, whereas if the section didn't exist, I might just not review them at all. And some things I never reviewed, but decided I might as well do now, even if I can't remember them well enough to say much. So... there are some movies here that are actually decent, and some that suck. Please don't look at the list and think I'm saying they're all of roughly equal quality, because I'm not.