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Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li (PG-13/unrated)
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This is, of course, vaguely based on a series of video games, none of which I've ever played. There've been animes based on it, which I've never seen, and one previous live-action movie, which I probably saw on video at some point, but don't really remember. This came out like 15 years later, but it's not a sequel. In fact I don't think it's directly related to the other movie, though in terms of the title character's personal story, it would be more like a prequel. I guess. It was pretty poorly received, and rightfully so. It's not a terrible movie, but I definitely wouldn't call it good. There are a few aspects of the writing that are kinda lame (e.g. "Even milk has an expiration date.") And there are things that just don't make any sense, and things that are just plain clichéd. I should also say that there's a very little bit of stuff in the movie that would qualify as "fantasy," but not enough for me to put my review in that category. Oh, and incidentally... the DVD I watched had both a theatrical (PG-13) version, and un unrated version. Oddly enough, I chose to watch the theatrical version.

Anyway... there was this young girl named Chun-Li, whose father was a businessman, who wanted her to become a classical pianist. For some reason, the girl and her parents move to Hong Kong, at which point Chun-Li begins learning Wushu from her father. Years go by, and when she's a teenager, her father is attacked by a guy called Balrog, who works for a guy named Bison. It seems as if her family had moved to get away from Bison, but now he's found them. And he kidnaps her dad. Again, years pass, and Chun-Li is now a young woman (played by Kristin Kreuk), and she's become a successful pianist, just like her father (who she believes is dead) always wanted.

One day she receives a mysterious scroll written in ancient Chinese. She finds someone who translates it, and says she has to go to Bangkok, and find a man named Gen. Gen had once been a criminal, but at some point he changed his ways, and founded a group called the Order of the Web. It's not clear to me why Chun-Li immediately decides to just accept this and go to Bangkok, but she does. And she spends some time living on the streets, apparently because she was supposed to change everything about herself, or whatever. And she was obviously used to having money and living pretty well. Meanwhile, there's this Interpol agent named Charlie Nash, who has come to Bangkok after tracking Bison for years. He teams up with a local cop named Maya.

All this happens soon after Bison has had all the other heads of a criminal organization called Shadaloo killed, so he can take it over completely. And now he has big plans for the slums of Bangkok. Anyway, Chun-Li finally meets Gen, who tells her that her father is still alive, and begins training her to take on the bad guys. Oh, and Bison is waiting for a ship to arrive which is transporting something called "the White Rose." Eventually, Chun-Li teams up with Charlie, Maya, and their whole SWAT Team, to take down the bad guys and get the White Rose away from Bison. That's all I want to say about the plot. So... I'll just say the fight scenes are reasonably good. Certainly better than the story.

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