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All I Want for Christmas Is You (G)
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This is a direct-to-video CGI movie that came out in 2017. I had a vague interest in it at the time, but I wasn't sure I wanted to buy it. But I eventually realized it could be watched for free on Amazon Prime Video, which I happened to start subscribing to in 2018. So I planned to watch it around Christmas, that year. Alas, circumstances prevented me from watching it until some time after Christmas... and not in one sitting. But I did eventually get through it, and I liked it. You know, it wasn't great, but it was kind of fun. Anyway, it's based on Mariah Carey's song of the same title, and a book that she co-wrote (which I haven't read). Mariah narrates the movie, as well. I guess it's supposed to be about something that happened to her when she was a kid, though I believe the story (and the "Mariah" in the story) is entirely fictional. Not that it really matters.

Young Mariah (voiced by Breanna Yde) lives with her parents, Bud (Phil Morris) and Penny (Lacey Chabert), her younger brother and sister Brett and Beth, and their grandparents, Lucy and Bill (Henry Winkler). Mariah has always wanted to get a dog, but her parents never allow it. One particular December, she's more determined than ever to get a dog for Christmas, partly because she wants to join her friends in a charity event that requires them each to have a dog. One day, her grandmother takes her to a pet store, where Mariah totally falls for a puppy whom she names Princess. And I guess the store owner, Emiko (Keiko Agena), agrees to set the puppy aside for her, at least for awhile, in case her parents change their minds. And her dad ends up bringing home a puppy named Jack (Dee Bradley Baker), who he says Mariah's uncle had recently adopted, and needed someone to look after him while he was out of town for a few days. If Mariah can take care of Jack, she'll be allowed to get Princess. However, Jack turns out to be a lot of trouble... but Mariah is willing to put up with anything, if it means she'll be able to get Princess for Christmas.

Meanwhile, there are other things going on in the story, like Mariah wanting to join her friends in various holiday activities like caroling, in addition to the charity event. Also, her grandfather is constantly sabotaging the Christmas display of their neighbor, Mr. Ingersoll (Charlie Adler), out of frustration that Penny won't let him decorate their own house (because she considers such things tacky). And there are minor plot points for Mariah's siblings, Beth always wanting to help with things, and Brett always leaving the door open (which is particularly problematic, now that Jack is living with them). And... I dunno what else to say. The ending is pretty predictable, but it's still sweet. And the whole movie is kind of silly, but it has a certain charm. So, I'm glad to have seen it.

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