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Fun Size (PG-13)
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This stars Victoria Justice, whom I sort of know from a bit of stuff on Nickelodeon, but the main reason I wanted to see it was for Jane Levy. The only other actor in the movie with whom I am at all familiar is Osric Chau (from Supernatural), but I didn't even realize it was him til I saw his name at the end of the movie. Oh yeah, and Ana Gasteyer (who's also in Suburgatory), and Kerri Kenney (whom I didn't recognize here at all). Anyway, I wasn't expecting to like the movie that much, and obviously the critics didn't like it. And it wasn't really successful at the box office, either. But I watched it on DVD in 2013 (the year after it was in theaters), and I was pleasantly surprised. It's not a great movie, and it takes awhile to build up into anything really good... but eventually it does.

It's set in Cleveland on Halloween. Justice plays a girl named Wren, who longs to get away from her home city, go to college in New York, and finally figure out who she is. She wants to go to the alma mater of her father, who died a year ago. Levy plays her best friend April, who is currently only thinking about becoming more popular, by dressing as a "sexy cat" for Halloween. She hopes to go to a party being thrown by the coolest guy in school, Aaron Riley. Meanwhile, the two of them encounter a guy named Roosevelt, who's even less popular than Wren and April. I guess he and Wren are sort of friends, though he'd like to be closer to her than he is. Anyway... she's joking around with him, and it's totally clear that they're meant for each other. But Aaron drives by and sees her doing a ridiculous bug dance (don't ask), and invites her to his party. April, of course, is more excited about this than Wren is, but even Wren is interested, I guess.

Meanwhile, Wren's mother, Joy, has been dating a 26-year-old named Keevin (not a typo), and he invites Joy to a party at his friend's house. So Joy sticks Wren with the job of looking after her weird, bratty 8-year-old brother Albert (who hasn't spoken to anyone since their father died). Which means Wren can't go to the party, and she gets April to very reluctantly help her out with this. They take Albert trick-or-treating, but he disappears when they're going through a haunted house. So Wren and April have to spend the rest of the night trying to find him (though April would much rather just go to Aaron's party). They get some help from Roosevelt and his friend Peng (Chau). Roosevelt borrows a car from his moms (Gasteyer and Kenney) to drive around with Wren, April, and Peng, looking for Albert. Meanwhile, Albert wanders into a convenience store, where he meets a cashier named Fuzzy. (Albert and Fuzzy are both fans of a manga-like comic book about a female superheroine called Galaxy Scout.) After Albert leaves the store, some ninjas come in to buy TP and eggs to exact revenge on a girl who broke one of their hearts. This inspires Fuzzy to go TP the apartment of his ex-girlfriend, and when he finds Albert in the parking lot, he recruits him to help (presumably just because Albert is dressed as Spider-Man).

Um... and lots and lots of other stuff happens, including Albert being befriended by a girl named Denise (Riki Lindhome), who is dressed as Galaxy Scout. And... man, even if I could remember the whole sequence of events in this movie (which I just finished watching like a half hour ago), I wouldn't want to spoil any of it. All the different storylines kind of intersect, eventually. All of it is redonkulous, though a lot of it is mildly amusing at best, while I found other parts hilarious and/or brilliant. And ultimately, the movie has some real heart to it. And it's kind of romantic, I guess. And I dunno what else to say, I just really liked it.

Oh, and I liked the song Make Out in the Graveyard, by sELF, which plays over the end credits.

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