Halloween movies

Well, for quite awhile I've had a review category for holiday movies, which mostly meant Christmas, but also serves for a few other holidays. But as for Halloween movies, I mostly just put such things under scary movies or supernatural & paranormal. If there was anything that fit in those two sections, but which I thought would be appropriate to watch on Halloween (whether or not they're set on Halloween), I'd list them on a page called Halloweenish movies (in the All Hallow's Eve section of my website). But awhile back, I also started a subsection of my short film reviews for horror shorts. And some of those were set on Halloween, but many weren't. To make things more complicated, I also reviewed short films that were set on Halloween, but which I wouldn't call "horror," so those were scattered in other subsections of my short film reviews. Finally, I decided just to move all my reviews of any film set on Halloween, whether feature length or short subject, to a single category of movie reviews. So, here it is: my list of reviews of movies set on or around Halloween, whether or not they are horror movies.

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