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Blade II (R)
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This came out in 2002, but I didn't see it until 2021. I'd say I liked it a bit more than the first movie. It begins with Blade searching Prague for Whistler, who had been turned into a vampire. He soon finds him and brings him home and turns him human again. Also, sometime in the two years that Whistler had been gone, Blade had started working with a techie named Scud.

The main story involves a virus that created a monster called a reaper, which drinks vampire blood, thereby turning the vampires into reapers. They're also immune to all of vampires' weaknesses except sunlight (or UV light). The original reaper is named Jared Nomak. Anyway, one day two ninja-like vampires named Asad and Nyssa show up at Blade's place and fight him, but then stop, because they were really there to deliver a message. Their leader (and Nyssa's father), Eli Damaskinos, wants Blade to team up with a group of vampires called the Bloodpack, to search for and kill reapers. Nyssa and Asad are both members of the Bloodpack, who have all been training for two years to kill Blade, so most of them aren't thrilled to be working with him, instead. Though Blade does become somewhat close to Nyssa. Anyway, most members of the group don't have any character development, aside from Nyssa and one named Reinhardt (Ron Perlman).

And I guess I don't want to reveal any more of the plot. It's all pretty cool, though, and there are some decent twists toward the end of the movie.

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