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Return from Witch Mountain (G)
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This came out in 1978. It's a sequel to the 1975 movie Escape to Witch Mountain, which was much better. I watched this on DVD in 2014, and before I did, I figured I must have seen it on TV sometime in the early 80s. But watching it on DVD, nothing about it was even remotely familiar, so maybe I didn't see it. I dunno. (I notice now that Wikipedia mentions a failed pilot from 1982 called "Beyond Witch Mountain." I almost feel like I'm more likely to have seen that than this, though if I did, I never would have remembered it. So maybe I didn't.) Anyway, since I assume if you're reading this, you've already seen the first movie, I don't suppose it will count as a spoiler to say that the kids from that movie, Tia and Tony, are part of an alien race who have set up a secret settlement on Earth, on Witch Mountain. At the start of this movie, their uncle Bené brings them to Los Angeles in his flying saucer, which he parks in a football stadium. (It's not football season, so apparently no one's going to be around to see the ship while it just hovers there.) Bené hands the kids off to a cabbie, who's supposed to deliver them to the hotel where the kids will be staying (alone) for a few days' vacation.

Well, the cab runs out of gas, so the cabbie walks to a gas station, leaving the kids alone. Tony gets a psychic vision of someone falling off a roof nearby, so he goes to save the guy's life. The guy was Mr. Sickle, the nephew of a woman named Letha Wedge. She has been paying for the scientific experiments of a guy named Dr. Victor Gannon, who has developed a device that allows him to control people's minds. When they see Tony levitating Sickle, they decide to kidnap him and take control of his mind. Gannon is mostly interested in the prestige he might acquire by controlling Tony's telekinetic power, while Letha wants to use Tony to get rich. (Since she'd blown all her money on Gannon's research.) Meanwhile, Tia realizes something's happened to Tony, so she goes to look for him. Then the cabbie gets back to the cab, sees the kids are gone, and just takes off. So for the next few days, the kids are completely out of touch with anyone they might know, and it seems weird to me that no one would call Bené to let him know they hadn't shown up at the hotel, but hey... it's a dumb movie. Things don't have to make sense.

Anyway, Tia soon befriends a local gang of kids who want to be tough, but are total losers. They give her a place to stay, and help her look for Tony. Oh, and I need to mention Mr. Yo-Yo (which is what the kids call a truant officer named Mr. Yokomoto). Um... I'm not sure what to say about him, but I just had to mention that he's part of the movie. And I'm not sure what else to say about the plot, except that it was mostly pretty lame. However, there were various aspects of the story that were just so redonkulous, I couldn't help enjoying it more than I expected to at first. I guess it was kind of fun, but it is not a good movie. And I doubt I'll ever watch it again, but you never know.

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