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Inspector Gadget 2 (G)
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This is a direct to video sequel to Inspector Gadget. It came out in 2003, but I didn't see it until 2020. It actually has a higher rating on Rotten Tomatoes than the first movie, which I really don't understand. Personally, I liked the first movie better. In fact, at the start of this movie I immediately didn't like it at all. My enjoyment of it did increase as it progressed, but not by a lot. I suppose I can see how in some ways it's better. I mean, it's more like the cartoon on which the movies are based than the first one was, so that's good. And I thought the casting of French Stewart as Inspector Gadget and Caitlin Wachs as Penny was more apt than the casting in the first movie. And I liked that Penny was more involved in trying to solve the crime in this movie than in the first movie. Oh, but speaking of casting, it wasn't just those two roles that were filled by different actors; almost every character had a new actor this time, with the one exception being the voice of the Gadgetmobile, which was still D.L. Hughley. Mayor Wilson was played by Sigrid Thornton, which would have excited me somewhat if I'd realized it was her while I was watching the movie, but I didn't. Anyway, her role wasn't very important, this time. But I think the most striking difference was Dr. Claw. We never get a clear look at his face, but he's clearly much older in this movie than the first one, despite it being set only about a year after the first movie. Oh, and I should also say that there's no mention of Brenda in this movie, which is strange.

Anyway, it begins with Gadget being obviously bored by the complete lack of criminal activity in Riverton. But before long, Dr. Claw escapes from prison. At first, Gadget is assigned to the case, but that doesn't last long, as a new, fully robotic, female version of Gadget called G2 (Elaine Hendrix) is activated and revealed to the public. She's given the case of stopping Claw's latest evil plan, and the original Gadget is taken off the case. He wants to work with her (and also obviously has feelings for her, which makes no sense, beyond the fact that she's pretty), but she prefers to work alone. And unlike Gadget, G2's gadgets always work the way she wants them to, so she's much more effective at fighting crime.

Meanwhile, Dr. Claw and his team of henchmen steal a series of items needed to construct a super weapon, with which Claw plans to rob the Federal Reserve that has just been opened in Riverton. Despite Chief Quimby's orders for Gadget to stay away from the case, he does his best to investigate it, generally using clues discovered by Penny. (One difference between the cartoon and this movie is that Gadget is actually aware of Penny's sleuthing and her helpfulness, despite the fact that he keeps telling her not to get involved, because she's just a kid.) Of course, despite some setbacks, Gadget and G2 do eventually end up working together and defeating Claw. And I guess that's all I want to say.

Oh, also I've always really liked the song that plays during the closing credits, Up, Up, Up by Rose Falcon.

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