family films

What's to say? This is stuff that's suitable for the whole family, which means mostly movies rated G, or PG, possibly PG-13, I dunno. Of course such things can also appear in other categories, like comedy or drama or quirky or animated or just about anything. Some of the movies I include here I could just as easily have included under period pieces, and in fact there are some movies I do include there, that I could just as well have included here. I'm often not entirely sure why I choose one category over the other, but it's not really important, as long as I include each review somewhere. Anyway, the things I include here may seem more likely to appeal to kids than to adults (and when I say "kids," I generally mean pre-teen or early teens). But of course, it should be possible for people of any age to enjoy these movies. In theory. Though there are probably a lot of movies that I put in the fantasy category that are targeted chiefly at kids, while some of the movies I include here have somewhat fantastic elements, themselves. Also, a lot of these movies contain elements of action/adventure. And... that's all I can think to say.

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