tek's rating: meh and three quarters

I Think We're Alone Now (R)
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Sometime before the start of the movie, most of the people in the world just suddenly died, for no apparent reason. Now Del (Peter Dinklage) is the only person living in his town, and he seems to like it that way. He spends his days cleaning up the other houses in town and burying the dead. He also likes to go fishing, and works on organizing books in the library. Then one day he finds a crashed car with a young woman named Grace (Elle Fanning) passed out in the driver's seat. He takes her home and bandages her wound, but wants her to leave town as soon as she wakes up. However, she's lonely, and decides to stay. Over time, the two of them gradually become closer. I wouldn't quite call them friends, but Del comes to tolerate her better, or even genuinely care about her, in a subtle way. And he opens up a bit more than he did early on, when he mostly just ignored her.

Toward the end of the movie, things get weird in a way that I think feels kind of incongruous to the rest of the movie. But I don't want to spoil how. So there's really nothing more I can say about the plot. I'm afraid I found the movie mostly kind of boring. Not bad, really. I suppose you could call it a vaguely interesting character study of Del and Grace, and how their relationship evolves, but it doesn't evolve that much. And very little worth mentioning actually happens in the movie, aside from the end, which I'm not talking about. Still, I'm glad to have seen the movie, if only so I can stop vaguely wanting to see it.

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