dystopian & post-apocalyptic films

I normally think of dystopian films as involving some kind of oppressive, totalitarian regime (or in some cases, just a single community), but there can be other factors that qualify a movie as dystopian. (Sometimes there is rebellion against the oppressive system, and sometimes the oppressed don't realize they're being oppressed. Sometimes even the oppressors may not realize they're being oppressive.) I'll also include some post-apocalyptic movies here, as there can be a lot of crossover. Although there may be some such movies that I put in other categories instead, if I think they're more specifically something like science fiction or scary or supernatural or... whatever. (It can be a tough call, because most dystopian or post-apocalyptic movies are set in the future or alternative histories. And they may or may not involve beings other than humans, such as aliens or mutants or robots or monsters of some kind.)

Anyway, Wikipedia has a list of dystopian films, which I'll reference to help me decide what I should include in this section. Although it's likely that the list includes some movies I'll choose not to include here, and I may choose to include some other things that aren't on that list. And I guess that's all I can say, for now....

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