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The Poseidon Adventure (PG)
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On New Year's Eve, a luxury liner called the Poseidon is on its last voyage, when disaster strikes. The ship turns upside down and there's all kinds of damage and whatnot. And there's this preacher named Frank Scott (Gene Hackman) who believes, basically, God helps those who help themselves. He leads a group of passengers upward, toward the bottom of the ship where the hull's supposed to be the thinnest, in hopes of escape. A bunch of people refuse to go with him, and there's even some argument among those that do. Most of the arguing is with a police detective named Mike Rogo (Ernest Borgnine), who is sort of the co-leader of this little band of adventurers. Others include Rogo's wife, Linda; a singer named Nonnie (Carol Lynley, whom I also know from The Night Stalker); a girl named Susan Shelby (Pamela Sue Martin) and her little brother Robin; an old married couple named Manny and Belle Rosen (Shelley Winters); and I guess a couple others. I dunno, I guess some of these characters were kinda interesting. The story was okay, and the cast was fairly star-studded. I'm definitely glad to have finally seen this, but I don't suppose I'd feel the need to see it again. Can't really think of anything else to say.

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