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Storks (PG)
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This came out in 2016, but I didn't see it until 2022. I thought on the whole it was reasonably funny, though not all of it was as funny as it was trying to be. And the story is mostly just okay. So it's not a great movie, but I liked it, mostly for the work of the voice actors.

It begins with some narration from a stork named Junior (Andy Samberg), about how storks used to deliver babies, until 18 years ago, when they started delivering packages for Cornerstore.com. It was 18 years ago that a stork named Jasper (Danny Trejo) failed to deliver a baby named Tulip, who was then raised by the storks and worked in their company. (She's now voiced by Katie Crown, whose voice sounded familiar to me, because I know her as Akila from Cleopatra in Space.) One day, the boss of the storks, Hunter (Kelsey Grammer), is about to be promoted and offers his current job to Junior, whose first assignment is to fire Tulip. But he can't bring himself to do that, so he deals with the situation by assigning her to work in the letters department (where prospective parents send letters asking for storks to bring them babies). No one else is working in there (because letters are no longer answered), so Junior will be able to pretend she's gone. But then a young boy named Nate Gardner writes a letter asking for a baby brother. His parents, Henry (Ty Burrell) and Sarah (Jennifer Aniston), are too busy with their real estate business to spend any time with Nate. When Tulip receives the letter, she inserts it into the long-dormant baby-making machine, and it produces a baby girl. Junior is very concerned that this could jeopardize his promotion, so he hides the existence of the baby and he and Tulip try to deliver her themselves. They are unwittingly pursued by Jasper, who has been in exile all these years.

Well, along the way Junior and Tulip face all kinds of troubles, including a wolf pack led by two wolves voiced by Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele. There's also a pigeon called Pigeon Toady, who works at Cornerstore.com but doesn't get any respect. He finds out what Junior and Tulip are up to, and reports it to Hunter, who then promises him the job he had previously promised to Junior. Meanwhile, Tulip wants to find the family she had been created for, and eventually gets help from an unexpected source. And... that's all I want to reveal of the plot, but it does have a happy ending.

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