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Ice Age (PG)
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Okay, so a bunch of animals were going on a migration. But this sort of annoyingly funny (or funnily annoying) sloth named Sid (John Leguizamo) got left behind. And he started hanging out with a loner mammoth named Manfred (Ray Romano). Also, there were a pack of saber-tooth tigers who wanted revenge against some humans who had killed a bunch of their pack. One of the tigers, Diego (Denis Leary), was sent to capture the baby of one of the hunters, so the leader of the pack could eat it. But the baby ended up being protected by Manny and Sid, so Diego joined them under false pretenses of leading them to the humans to return the lost baby.

Along the way, Diego realized Manny and Sid were actually okay, and treated him better than his pack ever did, so he decided to help them against his own pack. Also there was a squirrel-rat (called Scrat, apparently, though I never heard the name spoken in the movie). He wasn't actually travelling with any of these creatures, and didn't talk, but he kept popping up, chasing acorns or whatever. That's pretty much the movie. I found it mildly amusing, and, I dunno. It was cool to see the creatures gradually bonding, especially Diego. Can't think what else to say.

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