computer animated films

See also traditional animation, anime films, short films, CGI TV, animated web films, and CGI webseries

Most of the categories in my movie reviews section are specific genres, or at least I usually try to make them so. However, I'm generally against considering animation a genre unto itself, because it just ain't so. Cartoons can be made for any age group, they can be dramatic or comical, they can fit into any live-action genre you care to name. So why put it in its own category, instead of spreading specific animated movies amongst the other categories based on genre? I dunno. Maybe just because I like them so much. Which I reckon is a good enough explanation.

Anyway... eventually my animated films section got full enough that I decided to move computer animated films into their own section. Computer animation, like traditional animation, can surely mean lots of different things. And it can have lots of different "looks," some of which appear more like traditional animation. Computer animation has also come to be used extensively in live-action movies, which I'll list on their own page. (Though I may include some movies in which most scenes are entirely computer-animated, with fewer scenes that are mostly or entirely live-action.) Types of movies listed in this section include:

Computer-generated imagery technically refers to any type of computer animation, but I generally think of it as referring to movies with a specific sort of 3D look to them. (Though in rare cases, some CGI movies may be 2D, in whole or in part.) This is the type of movie I'll have the most of in my computer animation section.

This tends to be the type of animation most associated with the uncanny valley. Note that while I have a separate list for Flash-animated movies, I'll include motion-capture movies in the CGI list, just because most of them include some CGI elements, or else just look like they do (3D, or whatever).

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Flash animation is the sort of computer animation that most commonly resembles traditional cel animation. Of course, "Flash" refers to a specific brand of software (made by Adobe), but in this section I'll also include films made with similar software, such as Toon Boom. (There are some films I originally thought were traditionally animated, but later learned used such software as these, though I'm still not sure to what extent. So most of those, I'll leave the reviews in the traditional animation section, but also include links to them here, just to cover all my bases.)