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Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle (PG-13)
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This is a 2003 sequel to the 2000 movie Charlie's Angels. (I didn't see it until 2016, and by then I couldn't remember when I actually watched the first movie. But it must have been at least several years after it came out. And still probably several years before I watched this one.) Anyway, looking at my review of the original, apparently I only kind of liked it. But this one I liked rather a lot. As I watched the sequel, I wondered if that was because this movie was better, or because my tastes had changed, or if it was just a case of that thing where the standards by which I rate movies can be woefully inconsistent. So I rewatched the original right after this, and liked it more than I remembered. (But still slightly less than I liked the sequel.)

Anyway, this movie starts with the Angels on a mission in Mongolia, where they rescue a U.S. Marshal named Ray Carter (Robert Patrick). But before they do, his captors take a ring he's wearing. Later, a DOJ official (played by Bruce Willis) is killed, and his ring is stolen. Then we see the Angels being briefed by the always absent Charlie. We also meet their new Bosley (played by Bernie Mac). Charlie tells them that the two electronic rings can be brought together to provide a list of people in the witness protection program. Whoever now has both rings is planning to sell the list to the highest bidder. One person on the list has already been killed, so the Angels go check out his home to look for clues. This leads them to the next target, Max Petroni (Shia LaBeouf). They try to protect him, but he ends up being saved by someone else (whose identity I won't reveal). Anyway, Bosley then takes Max somewhere safe, and the Angels continue their investigations.

Um... I should say we see a couple of former Angels in this movie. The more important one is Madison Lee (Demi Moore). Also at one point Dylan has a brief conversation with Kelly Garrett (Jaclyn Smith, reprising her role from the TV series). Anyway, one of the groups that wants to get the list of protected witnesses is the Irish mob, which includes Dylan's former boyfriend, Seamus O'Grady. And also there's a subplot about Natalie moving in with her boyfriend, Pete. And Alex is on a "time out" with her boyfriend, Jason, though he wants to get back together. Also, Alex's father (John Cleese) comes for a visit. He has no idea what his daughter really does for a living. (Jason ends up explaining it, but the way he does so... leads to a comic misunderstanding that is apparently never resolved.)

Anyway... I don't want to spoil anything about who was behind the whole plot, or how it all works out. Except, of course the Angels win in the end, despite having some pretty impressive enemies. Meanwhile, I found the movie reasonably amusing, and there was some very cool action and special effects and music. Definitely a fun movie.

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