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Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (PG-13)
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Caution: spoilers, baby, yeah!

So, at the end of the first movie, Austin and Vanessa got married. At the start of this movie, it turns out Vanessa was a Fembot, and tried to kill Austin. Which makes no sense on several levels, such as the fact that how the hell did her mother not know about this? How did she even have a mother? But the important thing is, Austin is single again. Meanwhile, it also makes rather little sense that Number 2 is still alive, since he was apparently killed in the first movie when he (quite understandably) turned against Dr. Evil. Though we had seen earlier in the first movie that the method Dr. Evil used to dispose of his henchmen wasn't always entirely effective, and Number 2 does have burn scars on his face, so it's not like it was just completely ignored, I guess.

Anyway... while Dr. Evil was frozen (for a second time which apparently didn't last long at all; must have been two years, except... that doesn't make sense), a clone was made of him... which turned out to be 1/8 his size. He named him Mini-Me (played by Verne Troyer). Dr. Evil had developed a time machine, which he and Mini-Me use to travel to 1969, to steal Austin's mojo. Though the one who actually does the mojo-stealing is an obese Scotsman called Fat Bastard (also played by Mike Myers). But the British Ministry of Defense had also developed a time machine (in the form of a groovy car), which Austin uses to go back to '69. (Btw, at some point in the first movie, Austin's bad teeth had been fixed and cleaned, but when he shows up in 1969, they go back to being bad, which doesn't make sense. Yes, I'm able to accept any number of oddities concerning time travel, but that's the one that bugs me.) Anyway, he soon teams up with a CIA agent named Felicity Shagwell (Heather Graham).

Anyway... Felicity likes Austin from the start, but he can't be with her because he lost his mojo. Which Dr. Evil consumes some of, himself. And um, there's rivalry between Scott and Mini-Me. And Dr. Evil plans to put a laser on the Moon, to once again hold the world ransom. And of course Austin and Felicity stop him. And um... it's a funny movie with good music and it's ridiculous and stuff. Even before time travel comes into the equation, I felt like various things were off about the timing of things, and then once people did start traveling in time... eh, it's best not to think about it. Dunno what else to say, but it's possible I'll say a bit more about this movie when I review the third one. Or not, we'll see.

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