classic horror
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When I think of "classic horror," my first thought is of the Universal Monster movies. That era actually started in the 1920s and ran through about 1960, but I mostly associate it with movies from the 1930s. I'm sure I saw a few such movies in that murky area of my past known as "the late 80s to early 90s," a phrase I often use to refer to things from when I was young, but not too young, and which actually could include events that I experienced in the mid to late 90s. Because my memory is just that bad. But I digress. There are tons of Universal Monster movies I've never seen at all, many of which I probably wouldn't be interested in, but any number of which I would like to see. (And I'd like to re-watch the ones I saw when I was younger, if only to write reviews.) But this section isn't just going to be for Universal horror films, but actually for pretty much any horror movie from prior to the 1970s.

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