movies based on a true story

Movies included in this category may include biopics, docudramas, or other films that are based on actual events.

Most of the movies in this category, I originally listed in my period pieces category before I moved them here, though a few were in other categories. (Some still are in other categories, and I've just added secondary links to them here.) I considered starting a "based on a true story" category for quite awhile before I finally did it, in large part because I knew it would be hard for me to decide, in some cases, whether to keep a film under "period" or move it here. Of course, any movie that isn't a documentary can have fictional elements added, or historical details altered in some way. I don't suppose anything I list here will be entirely historically accurate. But some movies that are based on real people and events may be more fictionalized than others. So I'm sure there are some films I'll choose to include in this category that other people would say take too much artistic license to really belong here, and it's also possible that some of the things I choose not to include here, some people might say should be here. I daresay everyone's line is different, and probably no one's line is entirely straight. And I won't always be entirely comfortable with my own choices. (Also, I probably won't include any war films in this category, but we'll see.)