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Wakko's Wish (unrated)
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So, this came out in December 1999, direct to video. I'm not sure when I first saw it, on TV; probably like a year or two later. Maybe. It's based on the TV series Animaniacs, which I tend to associate with Nickelodeon, though that was just for reruns. As for the movie, I think I saw it on Cartoon Network. Whenever or wherever I first saw it, I didn't see it again for a bunch of years, until it reran on the Hub in December 2012.

It's set like a hundred years in the past, sort of, in a town called Acme Falls, in the country of Warnerstock. (But the whole movie is wildly anachronistic; aspects of civilization from several centuries ago at least are mixed with aspects of the present.) At some point, the country was invaded by the kingdom of Ticktockia, which was ruled by the evil King Salazar. (It's a rather obvious parody of the merger that created Time-Warner.) Anyway, after executing the rulers of Warnerstock, Salazar demands outrageous taxes, which are collected by Baron von Plotz and his sheriff. So Acme Falls falls into destitution. The townsfolk are mostly the characters from all the various sketches on the Animaniacs show, most notably Wakko, Yakko, and Dot Warner (who are here portrayed as orphans). Dot is apparently very sick, and needs an operation (though most of the time she seems remarkably healthy). So Wakko leaves town to seek his fortune, to pay for his sister's operation; but when he returns, of course Plotz just taxes him. So then, Wakko wishes on a star, and a fairy (voiced by Ben Stein) shows up to tell him his wish will be granted... but he has to journey to the star he wished on, which has fallen to Earth. The first person to touch the star gets a wish.

So, the next day, the Warner siblings prepare for their journey... and since the movie is basically a musical, they have to announce their plans in song. So the whole town learns of the star, and everyone begins racing to be the first to reach it and touch it. And of course, King Salazar also learns of this, and wants to secure the star for himself (he also wants the Warners to be killed). There are of course various subplots for the various characters, the most interesting one (to my mind) is the fact that Pinky the mouse is in love with a horse named Farfignewton (an obvious pun on "Fahrvergnügen," a word from Volkswagen commercials). Uhhhhhhhhhh I don't think there's anything more I really want to mention about the plot. It's just all crazy and amusing and even rather sad at one point. And there are a bunch of fun songs. And it's crazy. Maybe not quite as crazy as the show, but still....

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