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Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (PG-13)
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Well, as you may know, I put my review of the original "Jurassic Park" under "science fiction", and its two sequels under "giant monsters". Then I put my review of the first "Jurassic World" under "science fiction", and for this sequel, I was torn as to whether I should put my review under that, or "giant monsters", or a third option, which I ultimately went with, "action/adventure". Technically all the movies in the franchise are action movies, but I felt that category was superseded by other ones. This time I just sort of feel "action" is the best fit. It's still basically a sci-fi concept, of course, and there's still plenty of scary dinosaur rampaging, but this time the dinosaurs were ultimately the victims, not the main villains. Though I'm still not entirely comfortable with my choice of category.

Three years after Jurassic World was abandoned, a volcano is about to erupt on Isla Nublar, which could be an extinction-level event for the cloned dinosaurs. There is some debate as to whether or not to try to save them before this happens, or just let them die out. Dr. Ian Malcom testifies before the Senate that they should die, and Congress votes to do just that. But then a private company steps in with a plan to rescue as many of the dinosaurs as they can, and move them to a new sanctuary. Claire Dearing is part of a group that wants to save the dinosaurs, and she is contacted by Eli Mills, a representative of Sir Benjamin Lockwood (James Cromwell), who we learn was formerly John Hammond's partner in the original project to clone dinosaurs. We also meet Lockwood's young granddaughter, Maisie. Anyway, Mills wants Claire to try to convince Owen Grady to return to the island to help find Blue, the only surviving velociraptor who had been trained by Owen in the previous movie. So, Claire and Owen join Mills's contracted team of mercenaries, along with a systems analyst named Franklin Webb (Justice Smith, whom I know from Pokemon Detective Pikachu, though I failed to recognize him in this) and a paleo-veterinarian named Dr. Zia Rodriguez. The mercenaries are led by Ken Wheatley (Ted Levine, whom I also failed to recognize).

While on the island, Claire and Owen discover that Mills is actually planning to sell the rescued dinosaurs on the black market. Meanwhile, back at Lockwood's estate, Maisie learns the same thing when she overhears Mills talking with Mr. Eversoll (Toby Jones), who will later oversee the dinosaur auction. She warns her grandfather, but... well, he can't stop Mills from carrying out his plan. Mills has also hired Dr. Henry Wu, who created a new type of dinosaur called Indoraptor, a hybrid of Indominus rex and velociraptor. The reason they want Blue so badly is because she had been trained to follow commands, and Wu believes that trait could be passed on genetically to more Indoraptors, making them useful for military operations. So, Claire and Owen have to try to thwart Mills's plans.

And that's all I want to reveal of the plot, though there will be a third Jurassic World movie which I'm sure will deal the consequences of something that happens at the end of this movie. Anyway, I found the movie reasonably entertaining, though not as much so as the previous movie. I'm definitely glad to have seen it, but I doubt I'd care to ever watch it again.

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