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DC Super Hero Girls: Intergalactic Games (not rated)
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Caution: spoilers.

This is the second direct-to-video film in the DC Super Hero Girls franchise, released during the third season of the webseries. I would guess it takes place between episodes 10 and 11 of that season. Several of Super Hero High's students (Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Bumblebee, Batgirl, and Starfire) are preparing to compete in the Intergalactic Games, which are being held at SHH. At first it seems like the only other team competing in the Games will be Korugar Academy. (Which is on the planet Korugar, the homeworld of Sinestro (Tom Kenny), who in this movie is the Academy's headmaster. It's also one of the schools Supergirl had been considering attending before she chose SHH.) The judge of the game will be Ambassador Bek (John DiMaggio), from planet Cairn. Wonder Woman is hoping to impress him, so she'd be chosen as a representative at an upcoming student summit. (He also mentions that SHH and Korugar Academy had made it through the semi-finals of the Games, a fact I missed when watching the movie the first time, and only caught it when skimming through it later to write this review. This explains why there are only two schools in the Games, which I originally thought seemed strange, even if both schools did have students from various planets.)

Meanwhile, a scientist named Doc Magnus (Phil LaMarr), who I don't think has previously been seen in this franchise, creates a few element-based robots (known in other incarnations as the Metal Men). The ones he's created here include Platinum (Grey Griffin), Iron (Greg Cipes), and Lead (Khary Payton). The three of them run amok, but the SHH students eventually manage to disable them. Magnus is working on developing technology that would give them the ability to make their own choices, like people, instead of following programming. But Principal Waller orders them to be destroyed. However, Lena Luthor secret takes Platinum back to her lab and reprograms her to do her bidding. She also sends info about Magnus's tech to Granny Goodness, on Apokolips. And Lena still has a Kryptomite left over from the multi-episode havoc the little critters wreaked earlier in the season. Also in this movie, we learn that Lena has been going by the alias "Lena Thurol" while working at SHH, which I don't think I'd ever heard during any of her episodes of the webseries, but I guess it makes more sense than her using her real surname.

Anyway, I suppose I should say that Korugar's students competing in the Games include Blackfire (Starfire's sister), as well as Lobo, and three other characters I didn't recognize. And then, surprisingly, the Apokolips Magnet school shows up, and the Female Furies are allowed to compete in the Games. (Of course, they're just there hoping to steal Magnus's tech.) Meanwhile, Harley Quinn and Beast Boy act as commentators. And... aside from the Games themselves, and the havoc that will be wreaked by the Furies and by Kryptomites (it turns out Lena had more than just one), there are subplots about Starfire trying to rekindle her relationship with her sister, who seems totally disinterested; and Lashina trying to convince Big Barda to rejoin the Furies; and Platinum gaining feelings that conflict with Lena's programming. And after the obvious villains are defeated, a surprise villain appears to present an even greater challenge. (I mean, it didn't really surprise me, because there was some subtle foreshadowing, but still. It was neat.) Of course that villain is ultimately also defeated. For now.

Well, as usual, it was a fun and amusing movie, and whatnot.

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