tek's rating: ¼

JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time (not rated)
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The Justice League of America are fighting the Legion of Doom in the Arctic, and Lex Luthor (Fred Tatasciore) ends up frozen in ice, and impossible to find. In the 31st century, two heroes in training, Karate Kid (Dante Basco) and Dawnstar (Laura Bailey) are looking around a museum about the original Justice League, when they come across the ice chunk that Lex is still frozen in (having been found a couple of centuries earlier). Karate Kid plays at breaking him free, not really intending to do it... but Lex is freed, anyway. Lex then finds another item in the museum, an hourglass belonging to a villain called the Time Trapper (Corey Burton), and he uses the hourglass to command Time Trapper to send him back to his own time. Then he calls the Legion of Doom together and sends them back in time to when Kal-El first arrived in Kansas as a baby, to prevent him from being adopted by the Kents or even growing up on Earth. So, in the present, there is no Superman, and therefore no Justice League to stop the Legion from basically wrecking up the world to their hearts' content. (It seems weird to me that no superheroes tried to stop them as individuals. Just because they never formed a team shouldn't have prevented that. But whatevs.) But now Karate Kid and Dawnstar have to stop the Legion by coming up with a plan of their own....

The good guys ultimately win, but then movie ends on what seems like a sequel hook, but there is no sequel. Maybe there was never meant to be one, and we're just supposed to assume the good guys will win again, but I really would like to see how that happens. Still, I thought this movie was reasonably fun.

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